Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tired again

Just when we thought we were getting the hang of the changing, feeding, cleaning spit-up stopping fussiness we had a little setback last night. First being worried first time parents Madeline seemed a little more fussy than normal so Kelli checked her temperature, it was 99.5. So we checked it again with a layer off of her for awhile and then it was 100.1. So we called Madrona and after hours they have a nurse at Children's hospital call you back. 40 minutes later a nurse called and it took about 20 minutes for the nurse to say if the temperature in the armpit is higher than 99 you need to go to the emergency room. So we called Nana and Papa at around 11:30 and they came over and watched Lucy and Kelli and I went to the hospital. After everything Madeline seemed fine and they took her rectal temperature and that was just fine. So we came back around 12:45 or so and then Lucy was fussy all night. The girls like to be really good when everyone is awake during the day and have their problems or party all night. Kelli also found herself wake up with Lucy on her chest and a pool of spit-up there as well.

In better news, the girls got to meet their uncle Curt and Auntie Katie who live in LA County and are up for Christmas, Lucy got to have bath time last night and she was sooo good during it. We are going to bath Madeline tonight. Lucy is starting to look like a newborn as opposed to a Premi and we think she is probably almost 6 pounds now. We will find out tomorrow when the nurse comes to our house to weigh the girls. There is a little video of Lucy spitting up as well. Enjoy, and again we love all the support that everyone is giving us!!!


The Hillman's said...

Your girls are so beautiful Kelli! I totally understand about being tired and so worried. I think the worrying just gets worse and being tired really doesn't ever end! But it's all 100% worth it!
And Oh my, she looks so tiny in that bathtub, but believe me before you know it they will be too big to fit in it. Enjoy the newborn stage, I so miss it! Congrats again!
Jenn Hillman

Brad and Jani said...

Personally I love a baby who performs when the camera is on. Great job, Lucy!
Love to all and hang in there!!

The Jensen said...

Kelli your babies are so cute! I love following your blog. Remember me I used to play soccer with you at CWU!