Friday, September 4, 2009

Too long since the last post

It has been too long since the last post. We are kind of winding down our summer. The girls went on their first vacation with the Potts family in Whistler last week. By about the last night we figured out there sleeping but made a few bad habits and have been dealing with them back at home ever since. The girls got to go swimming in the pools whistler and play on their boat toy which they both loved.

Lucy slept through the night last night for the fist time since we have moved (may 15), so at least we are making progress with her. Madeline is now scooting all over the house and Kelli found her in the middle of the excersaucer today - she climbed in from the floor and was hanging out where the legs and feet usually are. We need to kid proof our house now I guess. Lucy has been doing push ups for about a month now but still can't figure out how to put one knee in front of the other and crawl - which is fine by us she can take as long as she likes :) Getting ready to try to relax over Labor Day weekend and not make too many plans.