Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, the girls finally did it. The past two nights that have both slept in their crib!!! YEAH!!! Ethan and I are so happy, we can actually sleep in the same bed now with no baby in between us! They are starting to take better naps too!! Last night it was so cute when I looked at the girls I noticed that they were a lot closer together than I had put them when they went down.....I guess they wanted to snuggle. Anyways just wanted to share the good news with everyone! We hope it continues. Hope you all have a good weekend!

Monday, March 9, 2009


I am sitting on the recliner right now with Lucy sound asleep on my chest, and Madeline is sound asleep on Grandma Bonnies chest. I tryed to put Lucy down several times in her crib to take a nap, and she kept waking up so I gave up on that.

Lucy slept really well last night! 7 hours straight in her crib!! It was awesome!! Madeline was having some tummy issues so she was up off and on for most of the night:( Hopefully we will get a night here soon when both of the girls sleep 7 hours straight. I dont think I have had 7 hours straight sleep since November before I went into the hospital. So I am pretty tired today, but hopefully tonight will be better.

Lucy is doing great in her crib, but Madeline still likes to be in bed next to me. It is hard because if we put her down in the crib and she starts crying then Lucy will get woken up and we have to try and get them both down again so it just seems easier right now to put her in bed with us...she will get there soon though. I heard that once the baby reaches 12 lbs they sleep better and Lucy is definately past that mark...Madeline will probably be there in about 3 weeks so we will see if that works with Madeline.

Hope everyone is doing well. Lucy and Madeline say hello!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Potts

Again it has taken us a while to post but things seem to be getting better by God's grace. Kelli and I have had a great weekend and the sleeping seems to be getting a little better. Lucy is pretty much sleeping exclusively in her crib while Madeline still needs Mommy within 12 inches of her at all times when she is sleeping. We are working on getting her to take naps in the crib and that is going OK.

Kelli and I got to go on a day date yesterday as both sets of Grandparents took one a piece while Kelli and I relived what life used to be life. We went and saw Slumdog Millionaire and then went to Scotty Browns for the first time for some food and drinks. It was wierd thinking that it was OK to just go and do that without tending to the girls but it was great for us to be able to do. Thanks Mom/Dad/Lisa/Brian. Today the girls took some serious naps and we also got to go on a walk with them as well as Torrey Aimee and Nayla. All 3 kids were relativley good which was nice.

The video here is a little old but I thought it was funny so enjoy or plug your ears.

Madeline was weighed on Friday and was 10 Lbs 7 oz. and we are guessing that Lucy is 13 lbs.