Monday, December 8, 2008

More of the same....pretty much

Well we are still in Everett relaxing, reading, playing games, eating, praying, etc. Kelli is still doing pretty good. The nurses check the contractions and the babies' heartbeats twice a day and today they noticed more contractions that the last few days so they took away Kelli's wheelchair privileges for the day. She did again get to take a shower and we created a new contraption over Kelli's IV tubes. The shower covering now consists 1 large rubber glove, Saran wrap and tape. Kelli is a little shy of the camera so this is as close as you guys are going to get for now. Things are good, we are excited that Lucy and Madeline have made it to 34 weeks tomorrow!
We also talked to the Nurse Practitioner from the Newborn Intensive Care Unit to get more information on when it would make sense for Kelli to be sent back to Bellingham if she has not has the babies. For now Kelli and I have decided that we are going to stay in Everett until 35 weeks (next Tuesday) because it seems that will be a really good chance that if the babies were born in Bellingham that they would have a very small chance of getting shipped off to better care facility. We thought 34 weeks before but since we are already here in Everett. If the babies did get shipped off Kelli would have to stay in Bellingham until she recovered (2-3 days) so that is a negative to coming back to Bellingham as well.
Thanks for everyone's prayers and we our so excited to see our new babies and be their parents.

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Anonymous said...

We are glad you guys are doing well and that the girls are hanging in there.