Thursday, December 4, 2008

...Not So Fast

Well a few hours after Kelli's last post she went into the doctor and they felt that her water might break and that there was a possibility that the umbilical cord could fall out if the water broke and if that happens Kelli needs to be in the hospital ASAP. So we stayed in Bellingham Labor and Delivery for a couple days and then they sent Kelli down to Everett Providence Hospital where the girls will be able to get the care they need if they are born within the next week or so. It was pretty nerve racking putting Kelli into that ambulance and I had to follow but she made it and made it there fast. It has been pretty crazy for Kelli as well with different news are we going down south to a hospital or can we stay in Bellingham or even go home. We thought we were doing all three of these only to find out new info almost every time. Now in Everett we now feel that Kelli and the girls will get the care they need and that is very comforting. We are just waiting and the doctors and nurses are monitoring her contractions and doing whatever they can to prevent labor at this time. I think both of us are getting a little stir crazy but we also want the girls to stay in so that they can develop more and they don't have to spend a bunch of time in the hospital after they are born. As far as they can tell both Lucy and Madeline are in the 4 1/2 pound range with Madeline being a little bigger than Lucy. Kelli is taking steroids to help the development of the babies lungs so that if Kelli does have them soon, the girls can be more mature and able to breath and hopefully eat without help from the doctors. We will update on the blog if there are any developments........

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Kate said...

Hey Kelli and Ethan! We love your blog -- cute pictures too. Kelli, I know I've said this before, but you are the cutest pregnant woman EVER!! haha :) Seriously. Remember in Hawaii when you were convinced you'd get the double chin thing going on?? I can only HOPE to be so lucky when we have kids... (I'll probably get as big as a house as I tell myself "I'm eating for two!" lol) Anyway, please know that Curt and I think about you 4 every day, all the time. We are always talking about you guys, and praying, praying, praying that little Lucy and Madaline will be born at the right time and healthy-- ready to breath and eat on their own :) We love you all... and cannot wait to see you both and meet the girls in just a few weeks!!! :) Much love to you both.... Hope you aren't toooo bored!
-Katie :)