Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Getting to know Lucy and Madeline

We are currently in the babies room in the NICU and Kelli is very tired. She had a busy day and did not get to rest much. We are finding we need to get a little more organized with when Kelli pumps and when we need to be in the NICU for feedings. I am getting much better at diaper changing and everyone in the NICU is calling me a pro. I am pretty sure they say that to all the Dad's while the mom's recover from C-sections. Makes them feel like they have worth. The girls had to go in the Isolettes and be under the jaundice lights because their Billi Reuben levels were high. We call them their tanning beds. We have pics of them catching some rays. As of this morning Madeline's levels were looking OK so they took her off the lights. Madeline has also had some trouble with her IV's staying in and also some feeding trouble so they put an NG tube in through her nose into her stomach so that if she does not feed well, then they put some food through the NG tube.

We also have found out that Lucy takes after her Dad and eats EVERYTHING you put in front of her and Madeline is a little bit picky with her feedings like Kelli is. It is so funny (and encouraging) anything you give Lucy she just goes after it like I went for that burrito last week and those pastrami sandwiches that I was talking about in an earlier post.

I went home today and pucked up the Jeep and also got some work done and it was tough leaving the girls and Kelli for a few hours. Nana got to come and hang out and be in on a feeding and hang out. The snow is supposed to come tonight and I didn't want to get caught in the snow with 3 females in the car when we get to go home. So..... when we are going to go home.......... We really have no clue but from what I am hearing it sounds like 1-2 weeks from now but things are changing every day. Would be great if we could come home for Christmas but we just feel so blessed that we are in a place where we have great care for the girls, they are healthy and Kelli is doing pretty well with her recovery. We are getting discharged form the hospital tomorrow but have a sleeping room booked for Wednesday night. Beyond that we will have to figure out where we are staying. My aunt and uncle live very close and we may stay there.
Have a great week everyone!


Beetlebetty said...

I love the babies so much already and I have not even met them yet. I think about you guys everyday and can't wait to see you.

~Cousin Erin

Chris, Meghan, and Cate said...
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Jess said...

The girls are so darn cute I'm so glad to hear that everyone is still doing ok. I really hope that you all can make it home before christmas, we'll be keeping you in our prayers.
Rock and Jess

Chris, Meghan, and Cate said...

Thanks for keeping the blog updated, we love to look for new "cousin" pics, the girls look great! We are thinking about you four ALL the time. We can't wait to see you soon. Cate is working on saying Lucy and Madeline, its a work in progress.

Kate said...

they are the tiniest, most precious things I have ever seen!!! We pray for you all each and every day, several times a day :) You are always on our minds. On another note, Ethan, you had curt and I both laughing out loud with this post... with the part about Lucy eating anything like that huge burrito you enjoyed last week! hahaha.... sooo good. Love you guys!!!!