Thursday, January 1, 2009


We made it to 2009. There were a couple nights where we didn't think we would recently. Just kidding. The girls slept pretty good last night so we feel like we got some decent sleep which hasn't been the case late. The girls were weighed on Monday again and Lucy tipped the scales at 6 lbs 3 ounces and Madeline at 5 lbs even. They are both eating pretty well and gaining weight which is great.

This was a different New Years this year. Being up at 12:00 am last night was not that appealing in fact we hoped that we would be asleep and we were. Kelli and I heard some fireworks and noise makers at midnight and both just grunted to each other "Happy New Year" and went back to sleep. Woo hoo. Attached are a few pics from the last few days and a couple second video of Madeline's bath time. Alley (our cat) got to reunite with the love of her life (our friend Torrey). We got a pic of Torrey with Lucy and Alley on his lap. Alley has not even tried to sit on Kelli or my lap when we are holding the girls. She just loves Torrey. We are excited for Aimee and Torrey as they are very close to having their girl, Nayla Marie. They are going to all be buds we hope (no pressure).
Kelli and I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and pray that it brings the blessings Christ can give. Till next time........

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