Monday, January 12, 2009

Crazy Morning for Mom:)

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been a while since our last post, but we have been busy, and trying to catch up on sleep.

Ethan and I thought the girls had the day and night thing figured out.......until last night. For some reason Lucy and Madeline were very fussy:( Therefore we did not get much sleep. Then to top it all off this morning while I was trying to rest, Lucy and Madeline both decided to start crying at the same time.....I knew this would happen when I was alone at some point, but wasnt quite ready to figure out how to make them both happy at the same time. I then decided to try and feed them at the same time, so they would both stop crying. I put Lucy in the swing and held Madeline in my lap while bottle feeding them both. It worked out ok, but Lucy got formula drool all over down her neck and in her neck rolls. After getting them both fed, I layed Madeline down, and went to change Lucy, her diaper was full of #2, and while getting her changed and cleaned up I put the dirty diaper on the floor. After she was all clean I picked her up and went to lay her down. Being that I am totally exhausted I forgot the dirty diaper was on the floor, and when I turned around I stepped on the diaper and got #2 all over my foot and on the living room carpet!!! It smelt really good!!!

So after a crazy morning I am now relaxing on the couch, and the girls are sound asleep. Being a parent of twins is definately a lot harder then I had imagined, but as I sit here and look at my little girls sound asleep and content it makes all the poopy diapers, nights awake, spit ups, and crys all worth it.

Hope everyone is doing well, and thank you so much to all our friends and family who have been helping us out with the girls, bringing us meals, and picking up our house. We love you all and appreciate all that you are doing to help us out:)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! You are a super Mom for keeping your bearings thru all that. Crazy!

Ingrid said...

Oh no! I hate those kinds of days- I can't imagine it times 2!
You're a good momma :) look forward to seeing you again soon!


LuLu said...

Sitter hahah you stepped in a poopy diaper..hahah ur funny! LOVE YOU

Beetlebetty said...

Cousin... Unfortunately this will not be the last time for poopie messes. :O This one time I was changing Amaya Daya and the bum wipe that I was using "failed" and I wiped her bum with my entire hand instead. It was in my fingernails even. SO GROSS. But because I loved her so much and she was only like 4 months old I didn't mind too much. The Poop stories are usually the funniest. Love You.
Cousin Erin

Brad and Jani said...

They have already changed so much! Two weeks is dramatic! Still beauties though....