Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another week under our belt

Hello again. We attached some pics of the last week. No crazy poop incidents that we know of. Kelli and I did try various different night time routines in an effort to get a little more sleep ( all of which worked about the same). We haven't discovered anything revolutionary but with will keep trying. With the nice clear weather that we have been having, Kelli and I went on our first walk in the stroller as we went to the new Food Co-op by our house. Today we also went walking in Fairhaven in the front-packs and that was a new experience as well. My aunt Jean was in for the week from Mississippi and her and my mom got to hang out with the girls a bit last Saturday. We wish we could have seen her more but it just didn't work out:( Madeline is beginning to have her eyes open a bunch more now which has been a lot of fun. The girls also got to meet their cousin Amaya. She loved the girls and had a lot of fun with them as well. From what I understand she has two baby dolls and has named them Lucy and Madeline. It has been a good weekend and fun with the weather being nice.......... We will hope for a good week and some sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Kelli, you look SO good! I would have never guessed you were pregnant a month ago! So a few days ago I had a dream about the you guys and the girls. In the dream, both Lucy and Madeline had a tuft of curly hair just on the top of their heads. I woke up laughing! They are much cuter in real life than in my dreams :) Miss you guys!