Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

      Well, it has been a busy couple of months. Your Auntie Alyssa is getting married September 2nd. We are busy with wedding showers, and planning for the big day. Auntie Alyssa is going to look absolutely gorgeous and I can wait to show you pictures of her special day.
   For Fathers day this year we had a a BBQ at Grandma Bonnie's and Papa Tim's house:) Your dad watched the US Open golf tournament and we talked about how fun it will be for him to take you to the 2015 US Open in Tacoma.
  Your Uncle Curt and Aunt Katie were here from California for a couple of weeks. We had so much fun with them and miss them so much already. They cannot wait to meet you and are praying for you .
  This last weekend I ran in  a Ragnar Relay race. It was definitely the hardest race I have ever done, but really fun and I got to run in a gorgeous part of the state that I had never seen before.
  The biggest news for the last month is that we are moving closer to holding you and having you home. We moved from number 11 on the waiting list to number 8!! Praising God that there are 3 families that are going to have their baby boys home soon and Praising God that you are that much closer to being home with us. Lucy and Madeline talk about you all the time. They talk about where your room will be and how they will help take care of you and play with you . They are soooo excited to have a little brother.
   Nana Lisa, Papa Brian, Grandma Bonnie, and Papa Tim are so excited to meet you and have another grandchild. We all love you and cant wait to have you home. We are all praying for you and that you are well taken care of. Love you to the moon and back!

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