Friday, June 1, 2012

Missing you

  Well, It has been over a month since my last post. Still no news on our little boy . I didnt expect there to be but God is always full of suprises. The good news that we did get this month is that there was 4 referrals that came through in May and there is expected to be more in June. I was not told the age of the children who had referrals come through, but praising God that things are moving in Ethiopia and children are moving closer to being with with their families.
   Son- This month has been really hard not having you home with us. I have been thinking about you everyday and praying that you are warm, safe, healthy and well taken care of . Your Great Grandma passed away last week , I really wish you could of met her. She was a beautiful loving woman who would of spoiled you with lots of hugs and kisses. This month was Mothers day and the girls painted me some beautiful bowls for the kitchen. Dad took them to a pottery place in Fairhaven and they had so much fun. Thought about you lots on Mothers day and am praying that by next Mothers day I will have you in my arms. I also celebrated by 29th Birthday a few days ago!! Yep! 2-9!!! You are gonna have a old mamma! hahaha.
We love you soooo much already and your sisters , Dad and I cannot wait to have you home. Love you to the moon and back!

Love Mom

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