Thursday, May 2, 2013

Praying for you

     It has been so hard these last two months as we wait to hear when our court date will be. I cannot wait to get off the plane in Addis Ababa and come to the Thomas Center to meet you . We get monthly pictures of you. We should be getting a new one anyday now and I cannot wait to see your beautiful brown eyes. You are growing so much and are a healthy baby boy. Dad and I have decided on your name, we have your room all ready at the new house and I have been sleeping with your blanket that I will give to you when we see you for the first time.

A family that came to meet their son at the Thomas center a few weeks ago brought a package to you from us and they said you were the happiest little baby. They read you the card from us and showed you the pictures that the girls made for you . Lucy and Madeline are so excited to meet their little brother. Lucy has already decided that she wants to give you her curious george pillow, and she already put it in your crib. Madeline put a Night light in your room for you too:)

Next Wednesday May 8th is your Birthmoms courtdate. If she shows up at court and the judge signs off we will then be assigned our courtdate to come and meet you. If she does not show up then another date will be assigned a few weeks out to see if she can make that date. We are praying for your birthmom and that she is able to make it to court and that all the documents are in order for the judge to be able to assign us our courtdate.

Son, we cannot wait to see you for the first time, to hold you, to sing to you , to rock you , to change your diaper, to pray with you, to feed you and to just have you home with us forever. We think about you all the time, pray for you constantly and are praising God for bringing you into our lives.

Love you to the moon and back!

Love ,

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