Thursday, May 7, 2009


We are moving.....not far but out of our condo. We are renting a house in Fairhaven just past Fairhaven park. We are moving next friday! So we are busy busy packing and trying to get organized. We already got renters for our condo and they will be moving in on the 25th! The girls are very excited to be moving to a house that has more room for all their things, and a yard to play in! Sorry we have not had much time to update, but once again we have been really busy. The girls are growing fast, talking lots, and smiling all the time. Lucy has started to laugh now too! It is so cute!! I will try to get some viedo and picture updates in here soon:) Hope everyone is doing well! Happy Mothers Day!

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Brad and Jani said...

Madeline and Lucy are so adorable and we love checking your blog. You would have loved eavesdropping during our dinner last night with your parents at Giuseppe's. We did talk about other things but most of our stories were filled with the wonderful moments with our grandkids!

We hope to see you all very soon. Blogs are great but we need to catch up with the babies very soon.
Love, Uncle Brad and Aunt Jani