Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All moved in!

Well, with lots of help from family and friends the move was successful.....a little stressful but we are all moved in:) The first night in the new house was really hard with the girls, for some reason they were so excited to be in the new house they just wanted to be up all night and only give E and I about 3 hours of sleep total!!! So we were exhausted the next day and still had lots of moving to do but eventually everything got moved in and put together and the girls slept better the next night. The new house is great! We have lots of room, a backyard and a great deck!! With the weather being so nice we have been going on lots of walks into fairhaven. We walked into Fairhaven on Sunday for the ski to sea race and lets just say we will not be doing that again with a double stroller!! There was so many people and it was pretty hard to manuver the stroller around everyone.

The girls are getting so big, and are beginning to really get their own personalitys. Lucy is close to 16.5lbs and we think Madeline is about 15 lbs . They are both smiling a lot and starting to giggle. Nana bought them a jolly jumper and they have been having lot of fun in that. They have been eating rice cereal for the past couple of weeks, which they both love and this last week I introduced them to sweet potatoes which they are not so fond of. Madeline loves to put her legs in the air and try to grab her toes...she is very flexible:) Right now we are still working on the sleep thing. Madeline goes down great, but Lucy rolls over a lot and each time she rolls over she wakes up and cries. We just moved Lucy into her own room because we are going to try the cry to sleep thing and see how that goes.

We hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying the sun we have been having!



Katie Marie said...

Your little girls are so big and beautiful! Im happy you are all moved in as I know that can be so hectic with babies!! we are doing to the cry yourself to sleep thing and have been doing it for a month and a half and Logan still cries when he goes down to sleep. For almost a half an hour! so good luck! I can't wait to see all of you at the reunion!!

Beetlebetty said...


Lindsey said...

You know how hard the sleep thing was for us too so call me when you need some moral support. I'm glad you guys are liking the new house and I LOVE the pic of the too too's

merielle said...

We miss seeing the Potts family around the neighborhood. But we are happy you are enjoying the new house! Hope to see you soon!!