Thursday, February 26, 2009

Starting to get more sleep:)

The girls are both taking a nap at the same time right is a miracle:) I found that it is really hard to get them both down for a nap when I am here alone, being that they both want to be rocked to sleep and if I am rocking them both at the same time it is really hard to get up holding both of them and lay them both down. This morning Lucy fell asleep in her swing that she loves ( Thanks Pells) so I was able to get Madeline down in her bassinet:)
Our nightime routine is getting a little better the girls are now sleeping in our bed next to us instead of on our chests all night. And Ethan and I are actually sleeping in the same room:)I am sure glad that Ethan and I have a king size bed to fit all four of us. I think last night Ethan actually got 6 hours straight of sleep and then another 2 1/2 after that, and I slept pretty well too! Hopefully we can transition the girls to sleep in their bassinets or cribs at night soon, but we are taking it one step at a time. The girls are starting to smile a lot now, especially Madeline:) The other day she got the biggest smile when Grandma Bonnie came over, her gums were was hilarious.
Lucy and Madeline got some pictures taken a couple weeks ago and the link to look at them is She did a really good job, although Lucy was pretty fussy that day.
Hope everyone is having a good week, and enjoying the snow!! I CANT WAIT TILL SPRING!!!
Sorry I dont have any new pics...I am challenged and dont know how to load them from the camera onto the computer, so Ethan said he will do it later.


Beetlebetty said...

6 hours of sleep???? My prayers helped!!! It's a miracle. Love you.
Love, Cousin Erin

Lindsey said...

Yaaaay for sleep! I loved the pics, they were adorable!