Thursday, February 19, 2009

No time to post

Well. Again it has been awhile since we posted. We have found that we can't really take five minutes to post something without one of the girls getting mad because they weren't getting attention. Things seem pretty tough as their behaivor seems like they are more needy than they were when they were born. Going on walks and taking them in the packs has been fun as they typically relax or sleep when we do that. Kelli has been getting a lot of help and it seems like it is always needed. I feel so bad headin off to work with both of them "needing" to be held. Our morning routine is Kelli lets me get ready and eat breakfast and then I grab them both and she gets ready as fast as she can and trys to put on makeup and eat some breakfast. After that she sits in the chair and I lay both babies on her. It is pretty funny. The girls got one vaccine last Friday as we are spacing them out and not giving them a few of the vaccines based on our research and decisions we made from that. The girls are still growing well. Last Friday Lucy was 11 lbs 4 oz and Madeline was 9 lbs 5 oz. We think Lucy is over 12 lbs now.
Kelli and I got to go on a real date on valentine's day and it was awesome to spend some alone time with my wife. Nana had Madeline and Grandma and Grandpa had Lucy. They have fun and so did we! Kelli and I are trying this weekend to get a better nightime routine and get the girls to sleep in their bassinets or cribs. It is always so tough when we try during the week because I need to sleep for work and Kelli is up all day workin hard with the girls. So hopefully we can make some headway there.


Beetlebetty said...

xoxoxox Cousin Erin loves you girls sooo much, see you on Tuesday. xxoxoxox Smochies

Lindsey said...

Keep pluggin' away on getting those routines down. They are life savers and the girls will get used to them and the actual routines will be a source of comfort. They might put up a fight, but it will be good for them in the long run.

You two are such great parents and we miss you so much! Give the girls kisses from Luke and Jack.

radicalnea said...

Your girls are getting so big, and they are precious!! We decided to not get all the vaccines done as well, at least not this year. Lots of decisions to make! I hope you guys are getting all your rest!

Renea Pike