Friday, July 5, 2013

Still not Submitted to Embassy:(

Yesterday marked 6 weeks since Ethan and I said goodbye to Kenesa. On Monday I received a email from our agency that all our paperwork was ready and we were getting submitted on Tuesday July 2. Once you get submitted you get a email from the U.S. Embassy that they have received your case and then you wait to be cleared. The wait can be as early as a week or take up to a month or more. Right now cases look like they clear in 2-3 weeks.

Well....we didnt get a email so I called our adoption agency. I found out that they went to submit our case and there was a document missing that the U.S. Embassy requires. I was heartbroken. What we have found out since then is not much, but that our Agency is working to get the document. I have no idea as to how long this will take. Could be a week, could be 2 or 3 weeks. Our agency was closed Thursday and Friday because of the holiday. I am praying that we will find out on Monday and hopefully we will have good news that they have the document that is needed.

I cant even describe the feeling I am having right now. It is sooooo hard to be away from Kenesa. I know that the Thomas Center is taking good care of him, but he needs to be home with us. He was 5 months old yesterday. He has been in the Thomas Center since he was 19 days old. He should be starting to do things like rolling over, sitting up and eating solid foods. He needs to be loved on by Ethan and I , and his big sisters.

Son- I am so sorry that we havent been back to get you yet. The only comfort that I can rest in right now is that God is in complete control, God knows when you will be with us forever and I am praying constantly that it will be soon. I was in tears the other day and talking with a friend, telling her that you need to have my arms wrapped around you right now, and that I just  picture you laying in your crib and it is so hard. Her response brought me to tears. She said " Kelli, you need to picture Jesus laying there in the crib with Kensea, with his arms around him, because he is". This is what I try to picture as I close my eyes and think of you . I love you so much!!!

Please be praying that we hear good news on Monday. Pray that the document is found, or a new one is done very quickly! Pray for submission to the U.S. Embassy before the end of next week and that once submitted we clear really quick so we can travel to bring our son home.

Thank you so much to everyone that has brought by donations, and given money for donations for the kiddos at the Thomas Center. What a blessing!

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